Artemis I  is an unmanned SLS/Orion flight to make elliptical orbits of the Moon and return. Power to the Orion module will be supplied by the European Service Module (ESM). Mission length is planned for "25.5 days, 6 of those in retrograde orbit around the Moon."

Of significance to this flight will be two mannequins "used as radiation imaging phantoms".  The Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station ( WRMISS ) gather yearly.  In 1996 it was created to support the ISS but it has grown to include the early "exploration mission" and now Artemis.  The  "Proposed Radiation measurements in Cislunar Space" will likely be a founding document on radiation protection as the Astrorad Radiation Vest will be on one of the mannequins.  Regardless of spacecraft shielding and success of the AstroRad vest I have not heard of any additional head protection that should be seriously considered.During the 24th WRMISS (September 3-5, 2019) one of the workshops included the Matroshka AstroRad Radiation Experiment ( MARE ) as it applies to Artemis1 .

Thirteen cubsats will be launched during this flight . "Orion will fly about 62 miles (100km) above the surface of the Moon, and then use the Moon's gravitational force to propel Orion into a new deep retrograde, or opposite, orbit about 40,000 miles (70,000km) from the Moon"

The current launch date is projected to be 2021.  

Artemis I Flight Profile graphic courtesy of NASA
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