Changes to The National Space Policy brought clearly defined and realistic
                                                                       goals by President Trump. NASA's "exploration missions" have been
                                                                       changed to the program ARTEMIS.

                                                                       It is very unlikely that should President Trump be removed from office 
                                                                       this project will be affected.  Vice President Pence would take the
                                                                       Presidential slot with Nancy Pelosi filling the Vice President position and
                                                                       effectively be prevented from adverse program impacts. Congressional
                                                                       actions against Pence would be ineffective and Executive Orders forcing 
                                                                       funding could take place. Having said that it is my hope that President
                                                                       Trump remains in position.

About the Artemis logo

Apollo was the program that took mankind from the Earth to the Moon from1968 through 1972. Since 1972 no human has been back to the lunar environment.  In Greek mythology Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo. The first person planned to step on the moon during Artemis is going to be a woman.

What is Artemis?  <--Be sure to click on the "Aretemis Generation" link of this page. NASA provides a few questions and answers about the program. More details on Gateway .

Artemis Moon Program Advances .  It is a beginning for future Mars exploration outlined in the Space Policy Directive-1 with a goal to "...establish a sustained human presence on and around the Moon by 2028". The program includes: Astronaut health projects; New technologies from small business; Human lander prototypes; and Commercial Lunar Payload Services .

NASA release 19-010 of Feb. 21, 2019 "NASA Selects Experiments for possible lunar flights..." are likely still targets.

NASA release 19-053 of July 1, 2019 "NASA Selects 12 New Lunar Science, Technology Investigations" will "go to the Moon on future flights through NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services"  The 12 investigations are: MoonRanger; Heimdall; Lunar Demonstration of a Reconfigurable, Radiation Tolerant Computer System; Regolith Adherence Characterization (RAC); Lunar Magnetotelluric Sounder; Lunar Surface Electromagnetics Experiment (LuSEE); Lunar Environment Heliospheric X-ray Imager (LEXI); Next Generation Lunar Retroflectors (NGLR); Lunar Compact InfraRed Imaging System (L-CIRIS); Lunar Instrumentation for Subsurface Thermal Exploration with Rapidity (LISTER); PlanetVac; and Sample Acquisition, Morphology Filtering and Probing of Lunar Regolith (SAMPLR).  All of these experiments reflect on the initial points I've talked about .

Artemis currently has three flight profiles: Artemis 1; Artemis 2; and Artemis 3.

Artemis Iogo courtesy of NASA (Click on it)

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