My "neck of the woods" Fauna

The first Eagle I've seen in our area was sitting at the top of a tree about 1,000' away.  Canon EOS7D @135mm on April 8, 2013
The first Osprey I've seen in our area was sitting at the top of a tree about a half mile away.  I ran up to the observatory, slapped my T-mount onto my Canon EOS7D then to my 3,048mm focal length Meade LX90ACF 12" telescope - April 13,2014.  This photograph makes an excellent 24" x 18" print.  $20.00 by UPS.

The dogs were going crazy on the back deck one morning...I went out to see this not-nearly adult up in the deck roof.  I secluded the dogs and he went wandering into the dog area and up a tree.  I moved the dogs out of the run and he finally left.  We haven't had any Racs on the deck since.  May 10, 2009.

Birds have a unique way of sounding when something strange is near them.  I was outside working and went to investigate finding this non-adult horned owl.  To my disappointment he didn't like the noisy neighbors. May 24, 2009

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Not being an expert of butterflies I wrote the Day Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens to identify it.  I was told the name of this beauty is a Blue Tailed Purple.  I must really visit them sometime!
July 7, 2014 - Stepped outside and spotted this buck coming out of the back 30.  I went back into the to get the EOS 7D and carefully walked up to about 30' distance.  I hadn't seen him in weeks and hunters are prohibited