About Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
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Pollinators - In the early 2000's major honey bee die-offs were beginning...expanding to other pollinators by 2017.
Usually honey bee keepers had seen from 5-10% of their hives die...by 2000 total hive deaths were (and are) taking place.  Various studies were made and continue but a big point of interest is that neonicotinoids came into agriculture a few years earlier.  What are neonicotinoids?   Chemicals are implicated

Cattle and Corn - Cattle were initially field fed - let out in a pasture to graze plants.  Today their diet is a mix heavy in corn.  I know one pasture where the corn is sowed every year - after harvest no corn has been seen to grow.   Shortly after the corn gets to about two feet the farmer applies Roundup.  During the continued growth of the corn very few other plans grow.  Today corn is mostly GMO and Roundup is applied.  This alludes to genetically modified seed as presented in Jason Louv's book Monsanto vs. the World. 

Plants - Absorb what they are subjected to.  As an example tracing Hepatitis A (hAv) cases led back to fecal or E.coli exposure, the worse being E.coli 0157:H7 - pesticides are routinely used.

Wheat - Do you or a child have an issue with wheat products?

So why has there been an increasing rise of colon cancer and other gastrointestinal issues?  There have been multiple studies conducted on GMOs, glyphosate, neonicotinoids.  Though supposedly accountable chains of authority these products in the USA are deemed safe as they don't stay in humans long - but what is the impact of having them in a human or animal for any period of time?  Countries outside of the USA have banned some if not all of these products.

Just a few books I would urge my readers to read are: Monsanto vs. the World; GMO Myths and Truths; Altered Genes, Twisted Truth; and Seeds of Deception.  These books have a lot of references - they also state that a lot of adverse findings were intentionally suppressed.  Those suppressed findings indicated animal ingestion of GMOs led to severe health issues.  We have been eating GMOs for decades so nailing down GMOs as a primary health issue will be an extremely difficult task - but I would like to see it happen - and by someone not in any way connected with GMOs.

What do the doctors that take care of your gastrointestinal issues know?  One can only guess...but if GMOs and 'cides are the lead contributors then the genie in this bottle has been let out.  Whatever the actual origin of your issue is it can only be medically mitigated by drugs - and not likely cured any time soon.

Now if that wasn't enought (I have given you several warnings) why did I change from loving fried chicken?  In part it's production...and brings to mind another old thought that people are better off not knowing.

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