What do you mean you don't like being watched?  I am always under surveillance!

(1985) I took my TN born and raised wife to see real mountains.  We flew into Colorado Springs, Colorado at night and the next morning I beckoned her out of the room and pointed Pikes Peak.  I also showed her other places I'd been including Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Cheyenne Mountain's NORAD (both front and back entrances), Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge and onto the Great Sand Dunes National park where she saw her first Road Runner.  (Ignore Airwolf in the background...they were just coming to pick us up...)

(1985) I took my wife on a business trip to California...I made a wrong turn...

Doctor WHO?  Why yes...a tad busy right now but will be back "autumn" 2014