The *CORRUPT* IMPEACHMENT of President Trump

In a totally partisan (no Republican in the House of Representatives ("House") supported) vote the House has impeached the President of the United States of America.  This was accomplished by the Democrats having the higher number of elected personnel in the House. Their better approach should have been censure over impeachment.

I am an INDEPENDENT - for decades I have voted for the person whom I feel has the interests and protection of American citizens at heart. I have not agreed with every decision made by any President.

I harbor no HATE to anyone (yes that includes Democrats) or those whose past actions have clearly shown their past activities appear illegal and may have been improperly investigated.

Early in the Obama administration this country was flooded by non-citizens with no control to prevent their entry.  Indeed early in Obamas presidency he refused to let our border agents do their job. After 9-11 and continuing conflicts abroad unchecked admittance to our country left us wide open.  I and many others have said for years the best way to destroy a country is from within it - this is happening now . Cultures stick together...as such in districts they can - and have - placed anti-American individuals into positions of power over our country.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have stated that President Trump is a clear and present danger to our democratic republic. I vehemently disagree.  Impeachment of President Trump was expressed before he was elected. Further the Democrats have stated that should this impeachment fail the House of Representatives will continue their efforts to impeach him. I've watched for years while the Democrats dug up things from his past to use against him. I've watched as "witnesses" failed to be credible. We all now know that the FISA Court was misled. We all know that as Vice President Biden had undeclared family financial interests that appears to have swayed another country - and he's been in our government long enough to know he was REQUIRED to report it - and didn't.

I don't believe that the Democrats realize they have created a firestorm in this impeachment which makes me question their personal intellect and morals. It appears there is some anti-American invisible hand dragging them along.

This impeachment will set the tone for future potential Presidents and indeed other Federal employees.  That tone will include just how "clean" the prospects background is. Their interface with others will be examined (particularly any amount of sexual harassment or culturally demeaning actions.) Given those currently running for President NONE would be acceptable.  Dependent on the Supreme Court's decision in respect to President Trump another precedent will be set - whether the incumbent must show his tax returns.  Frankly in such an event perhaps the individual's entire financial history should be exposed. Such an exposure would be fought against by the ACLU for good reason - privacy. 

House of Representatives Democrats you are forcing us into socialism.  The younger generations don't understand what socialism is.  You OLD career politicians are using a younger base to keep you in a position of power . These younger generations will realize too late that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  You've kicked and beaten down the concept of "In God we trust" and those of you professed Christians know you have acted improperly.  All WILL be judged.

The Democrats in the House have lured the American people into thinking they've done actual work other than impeachment by recently passing a few things.  I suggest the American people learn about these things and realize President Trump endorsed them.

I voted for President Trump with high expectations that Clinton would indeed win.  I was elated to have those expectations destroyed.  I WILL be voting for him again in 2020 no matter how hard the Democrats try to stop him.

Bertman L Plummer, December 19, 2019

February 4, 2020 - President Trump gave an outstanding State of the Union Address. At the close Mz Pelosi tore her copy in half. The Democrats failed to applaud gains made by the U.S. under Trump and failed to respect honored individuals.

February 5, 2020 - The Senate has acquitted President Trump on both charges.

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