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The Bigelow Aerospace (BA)/United Launch Alliance (ULA) to create a Lunar Depot  12/7/2018 - this section is undergoing rework and expansion

Previously on my website I introduced Bigelow Aerospace (BA) and expandable modules.  Wikipedia BA

To BA's credit they have two expandables in gradually declining orbit, the Genesis 1 launched July 12, 2006 and Genesis 2 launched June 28, 2007.  BA has not made any data analysis received from Genesis public.  Previously BA's website had various plans for much larger modules and a moon base.

BA's next endeavour was with NASA and the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM).  Looking at NASAs photo of beam shows it wasn't totally inflated.

This page shows a comparison the the BA330 to ISS Destiny module.  The BA330 was projected to house 6 people.  According to this page the B330 will have a width of 6.7 m (22 ft) width by 16.88 m (55.41 ft) inclusive of required electroncs, propulsion and life support systems.

Previously BA indicated the BA330 would be flown by an Atlas 5.  ULAs page states "The launch would place a B330 outfitted module in Low Lunar Orbit by the end of 2022..." and that the ULA Vulcan "is the only commercial launch vehicle in development today with sufficient performance and large enough payload fairing to carry the habitat".  Wikipedia B330.  According to ULA "with the addition of ACES Vulcan will achieve the current capability of the Delta IV Heavy".  If this is the case why not use the Delta IV Heavy instead?

NASAs desire for GATEWAY is to use it with other deep space missions inclusive of possibly taking it to Mars.  The B330 is believed to be in support of lunar operations.

I am concerned about radiation exposure in both presentations.  Currently radiation measurements within BEAM don't appear to be available to the public.  After extensive digging I found the Workshops on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station (RMISS) which includes the ORION.  My existing radiation page will be cleaned up but I wanted to give two gems some attention:

Suddenly the ORION looks badly cramped for space.    

AstroRad Radiation Vest - what about optic nerve protection?