The B5 banner on my dens door leads into a work area.
The upper left photo is 
The Three Soldiers statue that complements the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (a birthday gift years ago from one of my sisters (and I am a Vietnam Era veteran)).  Below it is a Lockheed-Martin photo I was gifted with showing an SSBN birthed at the SWFLANT Explosive Handling Wharf when I concluded some work with a GREAT team.  Below that is a photo taken from the air at Electric Boat showing a Virginia Class Fast Attack submarine and three TRIDENT SSBN's (the first being USS OHIO that has since been converted to SSGN class).  This photo was presented to me by RADM Edward Peebles and CAPT Daniel Marangiello when I received a promotion that transferred me from the Submarine Directorate to another component of the Naval Sea Systems Command.  Running across the top of the door is a nearly 5' long print of the ISS mural taken in a visit to Cape Kennedy and Cape Canaveral.
Marine version F-35 under display light

B-2 Spirit under display light