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NASA - Through the years...

A NASA "meatball" logo (I never liked the "worm") lapel pen, NASA logo, and NASA silver lapel pen (the pens are from my Boeing Space Station FREEDOM days)

Projects Mercury and Gemini patches (I grew up with the selection of the original seven watching the early rockets blow up on or after leaving the pad)

Mercury and Gemini lapel pens.

Apollo and commemorative Space Shuttle program patches.

Apollo lapel pen

Mission patch of the last flight of Discovery (STS-134).  We went down for the launch with positions on the Causeway.  The original launch date was scrubbed just as we arrived on the Causeway due to an issue with the shuttle.  I told my wife the crew came up with a problem to postpone the launch because Obama had brought his family down to view it.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)  Launch was delayed for a couple of days then delayed again...and again Obama added to taxpayer debt by attending.

Next to Discovery is the mission patch of the last flight of Atlantis (STS-135).  Atlantis landed back at the Cape on July 21, 2011 marking the completion of the International Space Station and bringing to a close the Shuttle program...forty-four years and one day after we stepped on the Moon during Apollo 11.

Space Station Freedom lapel ben and Shuttle Program lapel pen.

Apollo 1 mission patch.

Challenger Center lapel pen - I was a founding sponsor.  STS-107 (Columbia) mission patch pen.

Challenger (STS-51L) and Columbia (STS-107) mission patches.

The heavily embroidered and backed patches are not the kind that were affixed to the Mercury through Apollo flight suits or spacesuits (such as the ones in my display).  Those affixed to flight or spacesuits were mostly silk screened cloth.