The g2vsol3 Observatory, page 2

Our sky provides full viewing of the Moon, Milky Way and planets.

When I had the telescope on the "barn" sheds upper deck we had people asking if the dome was a dog house or hot tub...REALLY???

My alien humor (alien as I don't find most comedies amusing) compelled me to put "MISSILE SILO 1" on the dome facing the road and in smaller letters below it "JUST KIDDING".

Since moving the dome and telescope to the ground we've had people (cars) slowing down to look.  One driver drove into the property so I put up a wire fence. Each supporting fence post has red reflective tape at the top.  The dome itself has yellow reflective tape strips running around its base. It all lights up nicely in car lights and I have small spotlights on the dome and Al-i-En'*.  I'm  thinking of THE Doctors ("Doctor WHO") Tardis light.  Hummm...around here that could be someones target...don't get any ideas!

I stole a whimsical saying from Doctor Who posting on the door "It's bigger on the inside" which is true - when the dome is open there's a clear view into the universe (well...when the sky is clear anyway!) 

The entry area has two warnings: That it's restricted; and security cameras (note this is PLURAL) are in use. The cameras constantly record and go to storage on the internet .  The dome is locked down (internally) when not in use (except for hot days when I have it open to reduce heat), the entry door is locked and a high sonic motion detect unit is inside the dome that requires a disable code.  On hot days the dome is open but access door locked with sonic detect enabled.