TERRORISM - An Act of Terror

Why do we have to deal with terrorists and terrorism? Do countries have a true desire to get rid of it or is it being used as a tool for them to gain something? What is terrorism and what can be done about it?

Terrorism is to: inspire fear; cause anxiety; foster violent or destructive acts; take innocent (non-combative) lives. In short terrorism is to intimidate and create harm to a population or government. Terrorism is a murderous crime against humanity.

There are two types of terrorism: domestic; and international. Domestic terrorism is when an entity of a country/political system performs terrorist activities within that entities country/political system.  International terrorism is when an entity of a country/political system performs terrorist activities within another country/political system.

Using a religion is not an excuse for practicing terrorism.  Rationalizing the use of terrorism is nothing but deception.

Combat terrorism with the purpose of utterly destroying it. Make terrorism a deadly outcome for those that would support or use it...a penalty too great to incur.

Years ago when I originally wrote this piece I suggested that the United Nations should be the control point of anti-terrorist activities. Since that time I have seen adversarial elements swaying the U.N. in a direction not beneficial to planetary welfare but selected regional desires. The United States of America regardless of the policies of its Administration but the desires of its citizens should instruct the United Nations to move out of its territories.

I now propose that the control point of anti-terrorist activities and the ability to respond to court decisions be created by a consortium (further referenced as Consortium) of nuclear powers with no ties to terrorism. If one or more of these nuclear powers are engaged in any warfare inclusive of taking lives of a nation at peace they will not have a vote in remedial acion.. Is there such a court? Yes - The International Criminal Court (further referenced as Court) seated in The Hague, Netherlands. This Court is not generally effective in law enforcement or criminal punishment but this must change. Should this court become polarized to a specific culture then it should be replaced by a new authority.

The Consortium would be responsible for identifying and tracking suspected terrorists regardless of cooperation of nationalities primary police forces. Compiled information would be transmitted to the Court..

Remedial Action: The Consortium would be responsible for executing a military response upon decision of the Court.

The Court must determine if an act of terror has taken place. An act of terror would include: damaging or destruction of a countries infrastructure; damaging or destroying a countries environmental resources; fostering violent or destructive acts; foster intimidation for the purpose of taking innocent lives. The Court would responsible for contacting and demanding a country/political system present a rebuttal (or evidence supporting their actions to neutralize terrorist support structures within their border) or face a ruling that invokes a military response.

Why a military response? Terrorism is covert warfare aimed at civilian populations.

What is the military response? The country fostering/supporting a determined act of terrorism will face a limited military response equal to or greater than the act of terror on one of their military facilities . Repeat as necessary to demonstrate terrorism will not be tolerated.

Exemptions - none.

Couldn't terrorists continue their activities during this process? Not could - they WILL. In the United States of America I estimate 
1 out of 8 people are authorized "concealed carry" - permitted by our laws of the land to carry weapons of deadly force. Some states authorize open carry. Most of these people won't run from an incident, they will react most times with deadly force. Laws of our land under our Constitution prevail and the American people will not support any "duel justice" system.

A word about Nuclear Weapons (and biologics!):

There are no "clean" nuclear weapons. Even neutron bombs will sterilize all biologic processes within its range. Is the existence of a nuclear weapon to subject and bend the will of another country? Most certainly it is...and ceases to become such when the technology to neutralize the trigger becomes reality.

Few have them - seems like everyone wants them. Continue working to limit the technology transfers but such things will always fail. What is the "fix"? Simple - explore and develop ways to totally neutralize the arming devices. I have been told that is impossible - I reject that - impossible is a word for those that don't have vision.

What do we do in the meantime? North Korea (NK) and Iran have felt they could do what they wanted. Obama did nothing about the NK...President Trump made good ground with them.  The destruction and horror of nuclear weapons on a population and the environment has mostly been forgotten except in Japan. In respect to countries that would use them  I say set one off on someone else and be ready for your neighbors to firestorm you.

I am certain Iran is working towards tactical nuclear with strategic to follow. Tactical "nukes" are portable and an ideal weapon for any terrorist to get their hands on.

Copyright Jan. 2, 2016, Bertman L Plummer. Updated March 2023 as a response to Russia/Ukraine.

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