Climate Change -- Global Warming or Global Cooling ?  Which is it?   ...and... are we PREPARED for either ?

 BIOHAZARDS   - Climate Change

The truth is we are in a continued global warming and heading for a new ice age.  Confused?  The Earth has routinely entered periods of increasing warmth and periods of increasing coolness.  Does this sound like a cycle?  It is.  Our collective scientific community points out that there have been at least two and each have existed for a long periods of time.  They further imply that as a natural cycle it's something we simply shouldn't worry about.  From a natural life cycle of the planet I would agree with this.  From a humanly inhabited planet we have a LOT to be concerned about.  This is not something to be ignored simply as it is a natural cycle - increasing or decreasing temperatures have an immediate impact on human life - to name just one factor is the impact on the human food supply chain.

It's not a matter of when it will turn very hot or very cold, but how we prepare, and we are not prepared.  Along theologian lines one has faith in God for our welfare.  But God gave us stewardship of this planet and free will so we are responsible.

Global warming was first coined with the reporting of rising carbon dioxide levels.  It is now more appropriately called climate change.  More factors than carbon dioxide contribute to changing the environment.

To understand climate change first throw away any thoughts that it is exclusive to carbon dioxide buildup and that humans are the cause.  Humans contribute not only because we are part of the living ecosystem of this planet, but because we add significantly to the problem by events such as the release of automotive and industrial waste products.  We further impact the climate in both pesticides and deforestation.

The information provided at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its various links provide understandable information on climate change.  Yet I feel the information provided does not go deep enough into all areas that have an effect on our global ecosystem.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states "Known causes, "drivers" or "forcings" of past climate change include: Changes in Earth's orbit; Changes in the Sun's intensity; Volcanic eruptions; Aerosol emissions; Carbon dioxide emissions".  Further EPA states "These climate change 'drivers' often trigger additional changes or 'feedbacks' within the climate system that can amplify or dampen the climate's initial response to them...changes in greenhouse gas concentrations...changes in ocean currents".

Regardless of drivers, forcings or feedbacks, the impact on the human food chain is immediate.  Changing ocean flow and temperatures have immediate impact on sea life and seafood.  Changing ecological temperature has immediate impact on plant growth and animal food sources.