BIOHAZARDS - Climate 2

Variations in Solar Activity. The Sun has periods of fluctuating energy streaming called the solar cycle comprised of solar minimums and solar maximums. A solar minimum is the time in the cycle when activity in the Sun is considered to be at its lowest level.  Solar Max is when the Sun is most active.  Each solar cycle is roughly 11 years long - some are longer and some are shorter.  The Solar Cycle Prediction Panel is responsible for predicting solar cycles, length of the cycle and expectations.  The Space Weather Prediction Center monitors and projects three categories of solar activity  consisting of  Geomagnetic Storms, Solar Radiation Storms, and Radio Blackouts. Each of these categories have scales 1 through 5   (from minor to extreme).

We are in solar cycle 25  with solar maximum projected to be between January and October of 2024. Anytime during these cycles the Sun can develop  Coronal Holes  and release  Solar Flares  or much higher energy in the form of Coronal Mass Ejections .

This solar activity can have an impact on the magnetosphere (the magnetic field) which can impact satellites and planetary power grids.

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