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UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
I will provide some information and leave the reader to perform their own research.

During World War II Germany's technology was beyond that of any other country.  One of the many things they were working on was the nuclear bomb.  Had it not been for smuggled information and a few select people the German SS would have been the first to use a nuclear weapon.  World War II Germany advanced technology stunned the world and a lot of that technology is revealed in a book titled "The SS Brotherhood of the Bell" by Joseph P. Farrell.  German technology included possible "flying saucers" and new energy propulsion

In 1947 Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine flying objects that looked like half saucers.  His description led to unknown flying objects becoming known as flying saucers. This link shows a photo of of how he described the object.  It is important to note that World War II came to a close in 1945.  At some point of time it was disclosed that the Nazis had a jet aircraft called the Horton Ho 229.  It is highly likely that the U.S. was in possession of several and this sighting was in fact them.

Most people know what a B-2 and a  F-117 look like but before their existence was made public they were among many objects reported as UFOs.

From 1978 through 1979 there was a TV series called Project U.F.O. by Jack Webb ("...just the facts please...") based on the U.S. Air Force files from Project Blue Book .  The TV program would present various cases investigated by the Air Force and reach a credible explanation...until the last couple of minutes when new evidence was introduced.  The last few years of Blue Book investigations were made by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, FBI and other intelligence agencies personnel in suits reponsible for coining the words "The Men in Black".

In the early 1990's:  The "National Aero-Space Plane" (NASP) was under research development by NASA and DARPA.  The NASP was intended to take off and land like an aircraft with the capability of entering outer space as the replacement to the U.S. Space Shuttle.  The NASP was projected to have inter-atmosphere speeds of up to MACH-12.  The NASP program was "cancelled" due to technical issues.  The U.S. Navy was looking for a replacement to the A-12 aircraft.  The replaced had a true triangular shape and this project was also "cancelled".  Many rumors began to circulate about "Aurora", "TR-3B" and more.  Advancing technology took many forms including the Lockheed-Martin "Stealth Blimp".  In 1998 the fastest aircraft is U.S. inventory the SR-71 "Blackbird" was retired.  The U.S. Air Force never before retired an aircraft without having a replacement.  Conspiracies exist that the NASP may have become the unverified SR-75 "Penetrator".  What is interesting about this aircraft is that it had a flattend back body.  Testor models came out with the SR-75 piggy backing an "X-7". Today we have Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that look like sci-fi alien spacecraft.