About this site...

My site has a motto:  One PLANET...many CULTURES...one "RACE" - the HUMAN race .  The word RACE as defined and commonly understood is simply wrong.  Indeed just the understood definition is meant to separate  cultures and use it as a reason for conflict.  I have no patience or respect for those that would use the word race (or a culture) to create or perpetuate conflict and hate.  I do not believe in racism. Those that would use that word to accuse others should reflect on themselves.

Links on this site may be underlined or of different colors.  Pages showing the Welcome to g2vsol3 banner will return you to the home page.  Images may also be links so be sure to mouse over them.

My TECHNICAL posts are based on my experience and knowledge.

My RELIGIOUS posts will always be in faith and respect to John 14:6. I do not accept that "turning the other cheek" means that as a Christian I am to be silent to attacks on Christians, Christian symbols or Christian beliefs.

My POLITICAL posts are my personal opinions.  I have disagreed with both Democrats and Republicans hence I call myself an an INDEPENDENT.  I will register and use my vote for individuals I feel will do their best for for our collective citizens.

My INTERESTS are reflected on this website and based on my experience and knowledge which span many areas.

I support the Constitution of the United States of America.  I do not support an individual or organization that would circumvent or warp its words violating the context of the laws of the land.

I am on FACEBOOK and use it as my personal social media to share my multiple interests/experience with others.

I do not expect people to agree or disagree with me.  We are each unique with our own perspectives, backgrounds, knowledge and experience.

Does your organization need a science writer/researcher?

The naming of this website was for two of my keen interest areas - astrophysics and astronomy. g2v is the spectral class of our Sun, sol is Latin for Sun and 3 represents Earths position as the third planet from our sun.

My logo conveys a Latin message Ex Astrum - Ad Astra .  The blue trajectory represents Ex Astrum (from the stars). The green orbit represents all life on this planet.  The yellow trajectory represents Ad Astra (to the stars).