I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the 
                                                 Father, but by me
.   John 14:6
                                                 For many will come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall 
                                                 deceive many.
Matthew 24:5

                                                 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of 
                                                 righteousness, and of judgement: Of sin, because they believe 
                                                 not on me
John 16: 8+9

                                                Many Christians believe that one of the things God gave humanity was the 
                                                freedom of choice allowing us to make decisions - and mistakes. Although 
                                                religious doctrine is not clear on the origin of this freedom of choice the 
                                                Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is logical to me as that origin. 

                                                Webster's dictionary defines faith as: "strong belief or trust in someone or something;
                                                belief in the existence of God - strong religious feelings or beliefs; a system of religious
                                                beliefs".  C hristians define it as "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of
                                                 things not seen"

Each of us is given GRACE which has led many such as myself to FAITH. So what then is GRACE?

My past has led me to many places with eyes to see and ears to hear giving me greater understanding. I can be at peace with science and religion for one simple reason...matter does not come from nothing...and I've had long discussions with learned people over this. I can tell you with absolute certainity that Heaven and Hell exists - to ignore either is a mistake.  We see evil in the world every day.  Most recently is the peaceful demonstrations invaded by those out to destroy property, looting, and inflecting harm and death on others.  M-theory has show us the possibility of other universes and other dimensions existing with our own.

All through Obama's Presidency my Facebook banner had the number 144,000 in the bottom right - had Clinton won I would have revealed my reason for having it...and a lot of my readers know what it means.  Instead Donald Trump won the election and I looked at it as a second chance.  A second chance for a nation that once collectively honored UNDER GOD. President TRUMP supported Amercian Citizens and our military. But from before his election he was attacked and lied about by the opposition. During the 2020 Presidential election rules dealing with ballots were changed and specific to mail-in UNVERIFIABLE ballots President Trump lost to Biden/Harris. It is these unverifiable votes that both the House of Representatives and the Senate are now controlled by the Democratic leadership. Biden et.al has reversed nearly everything President Trump put in place and I suspect due to the demeaner of Biden he will be retired soon.  Due to this new administration I have returned 144,000 to my Facebook banner.   

* ALL LIVES MATTER * ALL WILL be judged even those that choose he doesn't exist.