Claudia Christian

Sometimes a personal battle one wages seems as hopeless as a singular Anla'shok going against the combined overwhelming strength and superior firepower of an adversary such as the Shadows and Vorlons combined.  Those that have watched Babyon 5 quickly understand - for those that haven't just read the bold italics. CLICK on the following question...

Claudia has written a new book JOURNEYS described by her words as "Inspirational stories of recovery from alcohol addiction using a breakthrough scientific method". My description is TESTIMONIES from people who have found HOPE. 

As I revise this page for her new book there is a great plague not only rushing through our great country but the entire globe. That plague has been named COVID-19. Millions of people globally have been infected and out of work. Thousands of people have died.  I know that amongst those millions of people affected or not there are thousands of struggling alcoholics.

The link to C3 is in the C3 image - click on it. The program is simple and you won't have fears or concern about attending an AA meeting (however you would get over that if you did).

....don't let alcoholism make you a statistic.

                             CLAUDIA...God bless you lady!

One last thing... "...there can always be new beginnings. Even for people like us." (Claudia as Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5)